Asian Woks Wok Covers and Wok Rings

Designed for specialty Asian dishes, woks allow you to stir fry in order to create authentic Asian menu items. Asian Woks come in a variety of styles, including Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese. Available in a number of different materials with different cooking properties, so you can prepare your dishes the way you choose. Also available are Wok Rings that convert standard range burners to wok style burners. And Wok Covers help maintain heat and steam inside the wok, cooking your ingredients properly. Browse through our large selection of Asian Woks and accessories.

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Asian woks are widely used in restaurants and other food establishments as they are perfect for cooking Asian dishes. These woks come in different sizes and materials, allowing chefs to choose the best one for their cooking needs. To ensure that the wok is always clean and protected from dust and debris, wok covers are necessary. They also help to keep the heat inside the wok, making it easier to cook meals evenly. Another accessory that is important for chefs is the wok ring which helps to stabilize the wok on a gas stove. This allows for better control of the cooking temperature and prevents any accidents from happening in the kitchen. All these accessories play a vital role in ensuring that Asian dishes are cooked to perfection and served hot to customers.