48" Commercial Sandwich and Salad Preparation Refrigerators

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A 48" Commercial Sandwich / Salad Preparation Refrigerator is a large commercial kitchen refrigerator designed to store foods that are used to prepare sandwiches, salads, or other menu items. Commercial refrigerators are designed for frequent use, typically made from stainless steel or other high-quality materials. They're also designed to accommodate large quantities of food, which means they have large doors and spacious interiors. Refrigerators that are used in commercial kitchens must have a higher level of durability compared to residential units. They are made using heavier-duty materials and have a higher capacity. They are often larger to accommodate the food needed for a full day of serving customers. Many of them are UL-approved, meaning they meet electrical safety standards and are safe to use in commercial kitchens; they also come with many convenient features, such as LED lighting for easier visibility when arranging food items. They have a variety of temperature settings so that they can adjust the conditions to suit the foods being stored. Many have an alarm that goes off when the temperature gets too hot or too cold. These units have a variety of door options as well. Some have solid doors, while others have glass.