4 Compartment Sinks

A 4 Compartment Sink may be the largest version of the compartment sink, but it can really get the job done. If you have a significant amount of dishwashing to get done without commercial dishwashing equipment, consider a 4 compartment sink. With 4 compartments, you can soak, wash, sanitize and rinse dishes, glassware, flatware, or pots and pans with one piece of equipment. These workhorse sinks are designed to be incorporated into the busiest and largest commercial kitchens and they help make short work of even the toughest loads of dirty dishes. While they take up slightly more wall space than other compartment sinks, Four Compartment sinks truly allow for greater efficiency and better work flow.

All of the 4 compartment sinks available on RestaurantSupply.com are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for both durability and a long work-life. The stainless steel comes in several different grades, so be certain to check each model. Every sink comes with pre-drilled holes for faucets and backslashes to protect walls and other equipment. Backsplash height will vary from model to model. Note that faucets do not come with the compartment sinks, but can be found on RestaurantSupply.com.

Since a 4 compartment sink takes up space in your commercial kitchen, it needs to be safe and efficient. Rounded corners and raised rolled top edges make working in and around the sink safe. Overflows are also prevented by the rolled edges. You can also modify the height on several models that come with adjustable legs and feet.

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4 compartment sinks are an essential piece of equipment in any commercial kitchen, particularly in restaurant settings. They are designed to handle large volumes of dishware and utensils that require cleaning, sanitizing, and rinsing. These sinks typically come with four separate compartments, each with its own purpose, such as pre-rinsing, washing, sanitizing, and rinsing. One of the primary advantages of using 4 compartment sinks is that they help keep the kitchen organized and streamlined. Additionally, these sinks meet strict health and safety regulations that require restaurants to have specific cleaning and sanitizing practices in place. Therefore, investing in a high-quality 4 compartment sink is a must for any restaurant owner looking to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their employees and customers alike.