12 Compartment Glass Racks and Extenders

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12 compartment glass racks and extenders are a significant asset for restaurants that are looking to store and organize their glassware. These racks are designed to keep glassware from breaking or chipping while also providing a convenient storage solution. With their 12 compartments, they provide ample space for restaurants to store various types of glasses, from wine glasses to pint glasses. In addition to their storage capabilities, the extenders that come with these racks make them a versatile option for restaurants. They allow for easy customization of the rack height to accommodate glasses of different sizes and shapes. This not only maximizes the storage space available but also ensures that the glasses are securely stored and easily accessible. Overall, 12 compartment glass racks and extenders are a must-have for any restaurant that wants to keep its glassware organized and safe. They are a wise investment that will pay off in the long run by reducing the need for replacement glasses and ensuring that staff can easily access the right glassware when needed.