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Top Restaurant Technology Trends


In our every changing industry, it is no surprise that the technology we use while dining out and taking care of our customers change as well. Our consumers are constantly using their smart phones and have endless amounts of data in the palm of their hands. Consumers tend to forget that they come to an establishment for a full dining experience, they have become so immersed with technology that it has changed their experience of eating at restaurants all together. It can be frustrating, to know that our customers are more concerned with what is happening in the palm of their hand than the food, service and experience all together happening around them. But it is our job to improve our business and build better relationships with our customers, and leverage means of communication to satisfy your consumers wants/needs through means of communicating with them by technology.

Using specific technological trends will help your establishment set a firm footprint in your consumers minds and bring validity that you are able to adapt to their needs, no matter what they are.

The first major trend, although it may seem extremely simple, is to advertise your restaurant on well known apps such as; Yelp, TripAdvisor and Open Table. Over 50% of consumers decide the day of dining where to go, and out of that number most say that they are more likely to book a table with a restaurant that pops up right away while searching restaurants in the desired area. As a manager/business owner you have a huge opportunity to gain continuous and new business when advertising on these sight. These consumers search, read review and reserve all on their mobile devises and chances are if your name isn’t on their search list they are not coming to you.

A few tricks: make sure your website is optimized for mobile use. Make sure you have a valid google location. Ensure that the basics such as your address, phone number and valet services are clearly marked. Convey customer experiences though photographs and show the value of the restaurant so the guests know what to expect before stepping foot inside.

A big mistake we see by many restauranteurs is not having their menus online. Yes, we all have our menus online but, the real question is, is the menu quickly assessable to your consumers? Most customers who may be new to your establishment want to see the menu, if they are unable to find your but, find the restaurants menu next to you they are 86% more likely to dine at your competition. This can easily be resolved but uploading your menus to all apps listed above as well as your website and google.

Use technology to help your business, do not view it as a setback or a pain. Reward your customers for using technology when commenting, reviewing and posting about you. Technology can be your friend and when you use it to properly obtain and keep clients you will have a very successful business.

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