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Bespoke Designs for Your Foodservice Space

Great design is the cornerstone of efficiency and profit. Trust the industry experts TBCI Design to bring your vision to life and enjoy FREE designs* with the purchase of a qualified equipment package through

Food Service Design Services

Food service design is a crucial element in shaping the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of culinary spaces. It focuses on optimizing workflow, managing space effectively, and incorporating the right equipment to improve the dining experience for both staff and customers.

Since 2004, TBCI Design has been at the forefront of transforming kitchens into highly functional and stylish areas. Tailored specifically for the food service industry, our solutions enhance workflow and maximize space utilization.

Considering an upgrade to your culinary space?
Schedule a 15-minute consultation with TBCI Design to explore design packages that promise a complete transformation of your kitchen setup. This is your chance for a thorough makeover by the industry's top food service design experts. For solutions that match your project precisely, check out our Free Design FAQ. With our skilled kitchen design consultants ready to guide you, TBCI Design is committed to advancing your culinary venture to unparalleled success.

Why Choose TBCI Design?

Top Industry Experts

Founded in 2004, our team of seasoned professionals possess decades of industry experience with foodservice operations and design.


We believe every culinary space is unique. That's why we create designs that are tailor-made to reflect your specific needs and aspirations.


Leveraging the latest in CAD and 3D modeling, our industry experts will bring your vision to life, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project.

Fast Turnaround & Transparent Pricing

Engage with us to conceptualize and finalize the ideal equipment and design layout, ensuring every aspect of your culinary space is optimized for peak performance. Choose from the two plans below both eligible for FREE Designs* with purchase of qualify equipment package through


  • 2 live design review sessions
  • Equipment Plan
  • Equipment Shopping List
  • 3D views*
  • Cost estimate
Most popular


  • Everything in Starter plus:
  • An additional design review session (3 total)
  • Equipment elevations
  • Standard equipment details
  • Electrical and plumbing equipment requirements (list and connection locations)
  • Equipment cutbook
  • Shop Drawings (hoods, walkins, custom fabrications as specified)

Our notable clients

From 5-star hotels to bustling city cafes, we have successfully worked with a diverse range of clients. Their projects and partners include The Melting Pot, Penn National Gaming, Lowes Hotels, Yuengling and many more.

Ready To Get Started?

15-minute Consultation

Request a complimentary 15-minute consultation with the TBCI Design team to share your vision and determine the right plan for you.

Get Expert Designs

Engage us by completing the consulting contract and allow our industry experts to craft your new designs based upon your vision and feedback.

Launch Confidently

After receiving your designs and equipment list you can shop around or use to fulfill the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites to qualify for complimentary design services?
Eligibility for free design services is contingent upon the purchase of a specified equipment package. This benefit is available as a rebate at the time of purchase. Refer to the pricing table for details.











How can I determine which design package best suits my needs?
We offer a 15-minute consultative call to explore various design packages and assist you in selecting the most suitable option. Please review our package comparison for more information.
What if I wish to upgrade my design package during the process?
Upgrading to a higher-tier design package is a smooth transition. Any payments made previously will be credited towards the upgraded package.
What is the procedure once a design package is chosen?
The process commences with a 60-minute Design Kick-Off meeting, led by your assigned Designer. This session is dedicated to understanding your vision and translating it into a preliminary layout. The number of subsequent Design Review meetings varies with the chosen package. Detailed comparisons of our packages are available for your perusal.
What is the expected duration of the design process?
Our design packages can be completed in as little as two weeks. Timeframes and next steps will be discussed during each web meeting with your dedicated Designer.
How will communication with my designer be facilitated?
Communication is primarily conducted via email, supplemented by Microsoft Team meetings for the Design Kick-Off and Review sessions. During these meetings, interactive reviews of drawings and 3D models will be conducted. Drawings will be shared using OneDrive or DropBox.
Can I integrate my existing equipment into the design?
Certainly. We aim to optimize your space effectively, incorporating any existing equipment you wish to reuse. Please provide equipment details during the Design Kick-Off meeting.
Are the provided drawings adequate for permitting and health inspection submissions?
The documents supplied are intended for conceptualization and layout only. Official documents for permits or health inspections must be obtained from a licensed professional.
Are the provided documents ready for construction purposes?
The service offers documents for conceptual and layout purposes only. Construction-specific documents should be sourced from a construction professional. We do offer comprehensive packages that include design and fit-out, which can be discussed during the consultative call.
Is it possible to engage in design services before commencing construction?
Yes, we are equipped to assist at any stage of your project. During the initial consult and Design Kick-Off meeting, we will guide you in gathering the necessary information for an effective design.
Are there extra services available beyond the standard design packages?
Yes, we offer additional services for a fee, including Hood Drawings, Walk-in Drawings, 2D CAD files, and Digital Flythroughs. These can be discussed in detail with your designer.

*FREE designs are available upon the purchase of a specified equipment package. This benefit is offered in the form of a rebate at the point of purchase. For detailed pricing information, please refer to the Free Design FAQ section provided above.