Winco Market Trays

Winco Fiberglass Market Trays are designed to display bakery and pastry products. They are narrow rectangular trays made of fiberglass, which helps make them durable. Winco market trays are available in several colors to match decor or for color-coding different types of bakery products. Market trays are helpful in organizing and presenting products for customers to make easy purchasing decisions.

A market tray has a raised edge just like a traditional tray, but is shaped to display one kind of item. The market tray is based upon the old style of display tray seen at village markets, display containers showcasing one type of product for customers to select items they prefer. The narrow tray can be slid out to retrieve a single baked good and then slid back in to a display case. A Winco market tray is also perfect for displaying items such as fresh fruits, single serving cups of yogurt, to-go prepacked soup bowls, bottled juices, bags of chips or other snacks.

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