Walk-In Freezer Boxes

Some walk-in freezers are available as refrigeration compartments that only consist of the wall panels, door panel, and roof of the unit. These walk-in freezer boxes will come without any cooling system and you must supply your own remote cooling system. Typically the remote refrigeration system will be mounted outside the facility, externally (on the roof, for example) or in another location some distance away. Most manufacturers have designed very specific proprietary cooling systems to properly function with their walk-in boxes, so when choosing these components, select one of the recommended refrigeration systems.
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Walk-in freezers without refrigeration are essentially just a giant box without the necessary cooling mechanisms to maintain the temperature at which perishable items can be stored. While it may seem counterintuitive to have such a device without refrigeration, there are actually practical applications for it. These types of freezers are typically used for storing non-perishable items, such as paper goods or cleaning supplies, that do not require a specific temperature range in order to remain in good condition. However, it should be noted that if a walk-in freezer without refrigeration is being used to store perishable items, it is not only ineffective but also potentially hazardous from a food safety standpoint. As such, it is important for restaurants to carefully consider their storage needs and ensure they are properly equipped with the appropriate refrigeration equipment.