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Indoor Walk In Coolers With Refrigeration

A walk-in cooler is a great supplement to your existing refrigerated storage, ideal for keeping large, bulk food items stocked at safe temperatures. Walk-in coolers are not typically the primary refrigerators in a foodservice business, but are used for storing items that can be rotated into your regular refrigeration units. All walk-in coolers are fully insulated in their walls and doors, in order to preserve interior temperatures and keep food from spoiling.

One of the first considerations regarding any walk-in refrigerator is the size of the unit and the available space for installation. Walk-in coolers are available from several manufacturers and come in many sizes and configurations. Some walk-in cooler models are designed for indoor spaces and others are meant for outdoor installation. Many models come without a floor, although having a floor increases the efficiency of the unit and allows better control of the compartment's temperature.

Sizes range from small 4 foot by 6 foot units to large rectangular units with several hundred cubic feet of storage space. Height of the unit will also be a major factor, especially if the unit is designed to be installed in an interior space with ceilings that might limit options.

Many models are available with integrated cooling systems (compressor and condenser) which makes it easier to purchase everything at one time. You must determine where the integrated cooling system is located on your unit, since side mount or top mount configurations can increase the required space for installation. Other models come with no compressor/condenser units and you must supply your own remote cooling system. Typically the remote refrigeration system will be mounted externally (on the roof, for example).

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