Thermaco products are designed to help commercial kitchens like yours stay in compliance with local water and sewer regulations that prohibit fats, oils, grease (FOG) and other more solid kitchen waste from being introduced into the wastewater system. With Thermaco's Big Dipper grease removal technologies as well as their powerful, super-capacity Trapzilla grease interceptors, you don't have to worry what is draining into the wastewater. Thermaco products help you safely and efficiently meet foodservice regulations so you can focus on operating your business.

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Thermaco Grease Traps
Thermaco's Big Dipper Internal Strainer (IS) grease trap is an automatic grease interceptor that is designed to manage a single source of fat, oils, and grease (FOG) in a commercial kitchen. Alternately a Big Dipper unit can be installed into the plumbing system to handle kitchen grease runoff and wastewater from multiple fixtures. The Big Dipper technology is small and compact, so a unit can be installed in locations where other large grease trap technologies could not. Convenient, easy, and clean.
Thermaco Grease Trap Parts
Locate the crucial replacement parts for your Thermaco Big Dipper Grease Removal equipment here. From grease capture containers to replacement motors for the AGR component, you will find the Big DIpper parts you are looking for on Easy and convenient. Contact one of our Team Members for assistance finding the right parts.

Thermaco Big Dipper Video Resources

Big Dipper IS Operation

Big Dipper IS Daily Maintenance

Big Dipper IS Weekly Maintenance

Big Dipper IS Quarterly Maintenance

Big Dipper IS Reversing Lid

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