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T&S Brass Faucet Bases

Set Descending Direction
  1. T&S Brass B-0230-LN 8" Center Wall-Mounted Swivel Base Faucet - 1/2" NPT
  2. T&S Brass B-0330-LN Adjustable 8” Center Wall Mounted Double Pantry Faucet With Lever Handles And Installation Kit
  3. T&S Brass B-0230-CCLN - Wall Mounted Pantry Faucet Base with 8-Inch Centers/Less Nozzle/CC Inlets
  4. T&S Brass B-1115-LN 4" Center Wall-Mounted Workboard Faucet with Lever Handles - 1/2" NPT
  5. T&S Brass B-1120-LN 8” Center Deck Mounted Workboard Faucet Without Nozzle And Eterna Cartridges
  6. T&S Brass B-0155-LNEZ Easy-Install Add-On Faucet Without Nozzle For Pre-Rinse Unit With Lever Handle and Eterna Cartridge
  7. T&S Brass B-1110-LN 4” Center Deck Mounted Workboard Faucet Without Nozzle
  8. T&S Brass 002824-40 Pre-Rinse Base Faucet Assembly
  9. T&S Brass B-7000-LR-99 Wall Mount Mixing Faucet
  10. T&S Brass B-0300-LN Single Hole Deck Mounted Nozzle-Less Faucet With Lever Handles, Supply Hoses, and Installation Kit
  11. T&S B-0210-LN - Single Temp 1/2-Inch Female Inlet Sink Faucet
  12. T&S Brass B-0290-LN 8" Center Wall-Mounted Big Flo Mixing Faucet Base - 3/4" NPT
  13. T&S Brass B-0512 Wall-Mounted Concealed Mixing Faucet with 4-Arm Handles
  14. T&S Brass B-1125-LN 8" Center Wall-Mounted Workboard Faucet
  15. T&S Brass 002832-40 Pre-Rinse Base Faucet
  16. T&S Brass B-0200-LN Single-Center Deck-Mounted Swivel Outlet Base Faucet with 18" Swing Nozzle - 1/2" NPSM
  17. T&S Brass B-0220-LN-WH4 8" Deck Mount Double Pantry Faucet - 1/2" NPT
  18. T&S Brass B-0220-LN 8" Center Deck-Mounted Mixing Faucet - 1/2" NPT
  19. T&S Brass B-0315-LN 3" Vertical Center Wall-Mounted Double Pantry Rigid Faucet Base
  20. T&S Brass B-0513 - Concealed Wall Mounted Mixing Faucet with Lever Handles
  21. T&S Brass B-1110-LN-WH4 Deck Mounted 4” Center Nozzle-Less Workboard Faucet With 4” Wrist-Action Handles
  22. T&S Brass B-0230-CR-LN 8" Wall Mounted Mixing Faucet Base with 8" Centers & Ceramic Cartridges
  23. T&S Brass B-0205-LN Single-Center Deck-Mounted Swivel Base Faucet
  24. T&S B-0345-LN - Combination Sink Faucet with Adjustable Inlets
  25. T&S Brass EC-3105-LN 4" Wall Mount ChekPoint Electronic Faucet
  26. T&S Brass B-0225-LN 4" Center Deck-Mounted Mixing Faucet
  27. T&S Brass B-0316-LN 3" Vertical Center Wall-Mounted Double Pantry Swivel Faucet Base - 1/2 NPT