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Dish Spray Nozzle

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  1. T&S Brass B-1152-092A 8” Center Deck Mounted Workboard Faucet With 8” Swing Nozzle, Angled Spray Valve, And Brush
  2. T&S Brass B-0107 Pre Rinse Spray Valve Assembly - 1.15 GPM
  3. T&S Brass B-0107-C JetSpray Self-Closing Low Flow Spray Valve - 0.65-GPM
  4. T&S Brass B-0107-035 Pre-Rinse Self-Closing 35 Degree Angle Spray Valve - 1.15 GPM
  5. T&S Brass B-0108-C JeTSpray Low Flow Pre-Rinse Spray Valve - 0.65 GPM
  6. T&S Brass B-0108 JeTSpray Pre-Rinse Spray Valve - 1.07 GPM
  7. T&S Brass B-0950 Pre-Rinse Spray Valve with 44" Flexible Stainless Steel Hose - 1.15 GPM
  8. T&S Brass B-1427 Quick Connect Rose Spray Head for B-1420 Squeeze Valve
  9. T&S Brass B-1421 1.15-GPM Quick-Connect Spray Head
  10. T&S Brass B-0107-J Gray Low-Flow Spray Tip Self-Closing Pre-Rinse Spray Valve - 1.07 GPM
  11. T&S Brass B-0107-C35 Low Flow Angled Spray Valve - 0.65 GPM
  12. T&S Brass EB-0107 5.6-GPM Self-Closing High Flow Spray Valve
  13. T&S Brass B-0958 1.15 GPM Angled Spray Valve w/ 3-2/3 Foot Clear Vinyl Hose
  14. T&S Brass B-0101-A Pre-Rinse Spray Valve with Aerator Outlet and 36" Flexible Hose - 2.2 GPM
  15. T&S Brass B-0100-C Low Flow Pre-Rinse Spray Valve with 36" Flexible Hose - 0.65 GPM
  16. T&S Brass B-0101-BKF 36 Inch Flexible Stainless Steel Hose With Push Button 2.2 GPM Spray Valve And B-KF Deck Flange
  17. T&S Brass B-0108-H JeTSpray High-Flow Spray Valve - 3.28 GPM
  18. T&S Brass B-0100-08 JeTSpray Pre-Rinse Spray Valve with 44" Flexible Hose - 1.07 GPM
  19. T&S Brass B-0100-J-SWV Spray Valve with Low-Flow Tip and Stainless Steel Flex Hose - 1.07 GPM
  20. T&S Brass B-0105 Pre-Rinse Spray Valve with 44" Steel Hose, Concealed Mixing Faucet and Wall Hook Outlet - 1.15 GPM
  21. T&S Brass B-0113-B08C Single-Hole Deck-Mounted Pre-Rinse Unit with 6" Wall Bracket, Low Flow JetSpray Valve, and 44" Flexible Hose - 0.65 GPM