John Boos Side Splashes

John Boos side splashes are commercial splash guards for sinks, speed rails and other kitchen and bar fixtures. A splash guard is a piece of metal attached to equipment such as a hand sink that keeps water or other liquids from splashing out the sides of the unit. This prevents two types of splashes, one on the floor and the other on kitchen surfaces. John Boos manufactures several different types of side splashes, in a variety of heights and sizes, to fit different equipment. John Boos side splashes are made of stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.

Side splashes perform several functions. With splashes prevented or limited, there is less liquid on the floor of the kitchen, which reduces the possibility of slipping and falling. In addition, a side splash keeps liquids such as contaminated sink water from landing on food and work surfaces in the kitchen, which could cause food-borne illness.

In fact, there is FDA code that says that anywhere a sink is close to a food contact surface, splash guards must be installed. Local health regulations will enforce this, with the possibility of strict distances and splash guard measurements as well. Insurance companies may insist upon splash guard installation to keep water, beverages, or even liquor off of the floor of the kitchen or bar in order to prevent possible worker's compensation issues.

John Boos side splashes are typically designed to match specific John Boos items, so confirming compatibility is important.

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