HS Inc

HS Inc

HS Inc was founded on the appreciation of hot tortillas. The first product was the tortilla server that kept tortillas fresh and hot for the recipient. Thus was born a concept focused on presentation. HS Inc has continued to create products that provide quality, allowing you to present and display your food and menu items with style and efficiency. Expanding from tortillas servers and ramekins, to salsa bowls, molcajete bowls, and pizza trays, with many other wonderful products in between, HS Inc can provide you with the serving and display details that make a difference.

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HS Inc Tortilla Servers

Tortilla Servers are meant to hold a stack of tortillas and keep them hot and fresh at the table. HS Inc has designed their tortilla servers to be lightweight and air tight to make them easy to transport and reliable to use. Available in a number of colors and sizes.

HS Inc Cutting Boards

These cutting boards are designed to fit in HS Inc deep totes for easy transport. They can be used on any counter, table, bar, or stand since their thick polyethylene protects the top surface. Ideal for cutting vegetables for toppings or salads, or any number of other slicing and chopping tasks. HS Inc cutting boards provide a sanitary cutting surface that you can use anywhere.

HS Inc Molcajete Bowls

HS Inc Molcajete bowls are ideal for serving salsa and other dipping choices for chips. But they are available in a large number of sizes and capacities, so they can also be perfect for serving salads or appetizers. HS Inc has also created holders for multiple molcajete bowls so you can offer customers different ingredients for their tacos, fajitas or other menu items.

HS Inc Pizza Serving Trays

HS Inc has sturdy, durable pizza serving trays available for your pizza parlor. Made from polypropylene, their pizza trays are practically unbreakable. Available in a large number of sizes to fit your different sized pizzas. Every serving tray comes with a nib design to keep the pizza pie from sitting in its own oils, providing your customers with a drier, crispier crust.