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Hot / Cold Food Wells and Soup Wells

Food Wells - Convenient, Versatile, Designed to Meet your Needs

Food wells are available in a variety of configurations: drop-in food wells, bottom-mount food wells, and drop in soup wells. The drop-in and bottom-mounted food wells can be either for hot food or cold foods and are typically powered by electricity. The hot food wells heat the exterior of the well so that the food pans holding your food are evenly heated. Many of the hot food well models are available as sealed or open welled versions.

The cold food wells are either electrically refrigerated or chilled by continual replenishment of ice. Selecting the right cold food well will depend upon the food items being kept cold. Pasta salads, potato salads are great candidates for cold food wells.

Soup wells are typically dedicated, round inserts for keeping all kinds of soup hot. Soup wells are almost all drop-in units.