Grease Guardian

Grease Guardians are built to last. Proven, industry leading design takes industrial pretreatment of fats, oils, and grease to a professional level. Grease Guardian’s all stainless-steel construction is designed for the rigors of commercial kitchen applications – No plastic! This equipment captures kitchen wastewater and removes grease daily. If your FOG Program or Engineered Solution requires Automatic Grease Traps, Grease Guardian has what you need. Quick Easy Compliance with a small footprint & legendary reliability, backed up with an Industry leading 3 Year and 10 Year Warranty.

The Grease Guardian X Series equipment is designed to isolate, contain, and remove harmful fats, oils, and grease at the source. Wastewater from the kitchen is directed through the machine and our internal removable dry strainer basket. The remaining FOG then floats to the surface where it is skimmed into a grease collector. With rock solid performance and longevity, Grease Guardian handles your restaurants FOG ordinance and grease management requirements.

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