Flat Tech

Flat Tech

FLAT Tech was started to end the eternal complaint of wobbly restaurant tables. Using a patented, proprietary hydraulic technology, a table base auto-stabilizes and aligns itself on any surface, including uneven ones. FLAT Tech became a solution to brand management, customer service, and profitability, since the dining experience could now be free of wobbling tables. Aligning tables for larger parties is a simple process with the auto-stabilizers in the table bases, because every table stabilizes the same. The FLAT Tech table bases are available in a huge variety of styles, for standard table and bar heights.

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Flat Tech Restaurant Table Bases

By Design, FLAT Tech Table bases will Auto-Stabilize and Align. Consistent, Reliable, Flat. These table bases work with your existing tabletops.

Flat Tech Table Parts and Accessories

Designed to be swapped in as replacement components for your existing tables, Flat Tech Table Parts and Accessories are both innovative and long-lasting.