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Fish Knives

A fish knife is a unique piece of flatware. Fish knives are specifically for use when dining on fish, whether baked, grilled, broiled, or stuffed. A fish knife has a flat broad blade with a dull edge and a long narrow handle, measuring up to 8-3/4 inches overall. Typically designed with one curved edge and one straight angled edge, the fish knife's blade comes to a triangular point at the tip. These various edges can be used to segment and portion pieces of the fish, as well as to slit the outer skin. The point of the fish knife can also be used to lift bones from the flesh of the fish, to be set aside.

Fish knives are not typically part of a standard place setting in most manufacturer's flatware collections, although you will be able to find fish knives that have the same or similar pattern which will complement your table settings. At, fish knives are sold by the case so that you can add them to your existing flatware collection.

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