It is all in their name: Fineline. Every product in each collection from Fineline Settings is high quality, because they pay attention to even the little details of their plastic products. Although every product is disposable, every product presents a picture of excellence and beauty that focuses on creating the right, first impression. From elegant bar glasses to sleek catering plates and dish collections that mimic fine china, you can cross the line and look to disposable, but stylish Fineline products.

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Fineline Disposable Plastic Barware and Cups

Constructed from hard plastic designed to perform like glass, Fineline disposable plastic barware and cups are a great choice for your application. Available in multiple sizes and styles.

Fineline Disposable Salt and Pepper Shakers

Allow your customers to season their meals with these high quality Fineline disposable salt and pepper shakers without the worry that they will break, get lost, or go missing. Available in a variety of colors and styles to match your tabletop decor.

Fineline Disposable Plastic Pitchers

Disposable Plastic Pitchers from Fineline are an inexpensive alternative for serving cold beverages such as water, juice, or wine at individual tables or in a buffet line.

Fineline Wine Buckets and Wine Coolers

For your informal applications, consider Fineline hard plastic wine buckets and wine coolers as a less expensive, disposable alternative to other wine presentation products.