Equipex Pizza Ovens

Equipex Pizza Ovens 101

Q1. What are approximate pizza bake times in the Equipex Pizza Ovens?

A. 3 minutes for par-baked pizza with a partially-baked crust, 4 minutes for fresh pizza crust, and 6 minutes for frozen pizza crust.

Q2. Why are there two thermostat controls on the pizza ovens?

A. One thermostat controls the internal temperature and the other is what the manufacturer calls the "crust control". The crust control feature permits baking of thin and thick crust pizza by thermostatically controlling the brick deck temperature separately from the oven compartment temperature.

Q3. What is the highest temperature an Equipex pizza oven can go up to?

A. All of our ovens go up to 660°F.

Q4. Can the pizza oven units be stacked?

Yes. Equipex offers an optional stacking kit (Equipex KPZ) and all models are stackable up to three units high.

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