Dual Service Curved Glass Merchandisers

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Dual service merchandisers combine a cold display case and a warm serving area in one unit and are used in stores to display goods and food items, especially those intended to be seen through the glass, such as bakery goods and fresh pastries. Dual service merchandisers are used for refrigerated and non-refrigerated products, improving efficiency and productivity. They are mainly composed of stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials that are ideal for restaurants, convenience stores, and other hospitality settings where these materials resist corrosion, scratches, and other damage that can reduce efficiency over time. Curved glass merchandisers provide several benefits over the traditional flat glass, including increased visibility and light reflection, easier cleaning, and improved efficiency in merchandising. Curved glass merchandisers are also often illuminated with LED lights to make them even more eye-catching. Dual service curvy glass merchandisers are made from tempered glass, a type of safety glass with higher resistance to shattering than regular glass. Tempered glass is stronger than regular glass due to its chemical composition, which causes it to break into smaller, less dangerous pieces.