Dishrack Conveyor Tables

Dishrack Conveyor Tables are commercial units designed to be compatible with other dishtable and dishrack equipment. A Dishrack conveyor table works in conjunction with a dishtable and a conveyor dishwasher, especially when a unique configuration is required to bring dirty or clean dishracks to or from the dishwasher unit. A conveyor table is an add-on style piece of equipment that is connected at the same height as the conveyor, the dishwasher, and the dishtable, allowing for seamless transport of racks in a busy, high volume commercial kitchen or institutional kitchen.

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Dishrack conveyor tables are an essential piece of equipment for bustling restaurants. These tables are specifically designed to streamline the dishwashing process, making it more efficient and effective for restaurant staff. Dishrack conveyor tables utilize a conveyor belt system to transport dirty dishes from the dining area to the kitchen, where they can be quickly washed and sanitized. These tables are typically made from durable materials, such as stainless steel, to ensure their longevity and durability in the demanding restaurant environment. Such tables are imperative for busy restaurants where quick service is a top priority, as they can greatly reduce wait times for dishes and help keep the kitchen running smoothly.