Dexter Russell Paring Knives

Paring Knife

Four styles of paring knives are most common…curved, spear, sharp, and clip point. Delicate pepper rings finely sliced or slivered olives or cherries, can be done with a curved or sharp point paring knife to dress up fancy salads. A cook’s paring, or spear point knife, can be used to remove corn from the cob, break up heads of lettuce or cabbage, peel fruit or vegetables, cut beans, etc. The clip point is used for eyeing potatoes, seeding, peeling, and pitting.

The Paring Knife is commonplace in nearly every kitchen. Dexter-Russell Paring Knives come in several styles: curved, spear, sharp and clip point. You can use the curved or sharp point paring knife for fine slicing or slivering foods like olives or cherries. A spear point paring knife is also called a cook's paring knife and is great for peeling fruit or vegetables, or even removing corn from the cob. The clip point paring knife is ideal for peeling, pitting, and seeding. Every Dexter-Russell Paring Knife is made with a high-carbon steel blade and either a slip-resistant polypropylene handle, an engineered rosewood handle, a soft, textured Duo-Glide handle, or a natural hardwood handle. With so many types of Paring Knives from Dexter-Russell, you will likely have use for more than one.

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