Crown Verity Hot Dog Steamer Equipment

The Crown Verity Electric Hot Dog Steamer is designed to perfectly steam hot dogs as well as keep hot dog rolls warm and ready for serving. This high capacity steamer is ideal for sports venues, food trucks, school events, club activities, catering events and more. Steaming hot dogs creates a juicy and warm final product. Since this equipment uses water as the heat transfer medium, there are no charred or blackened hot dogs that must be disposed of. The very nature of steaming means the franks cannot be dried out, although they can be overcooked if not monitored.

An electric countertop hot dog steamer is an alternative to a hot dog broiler, which uses hot dry air to cook the franks, often creating a browned or crispy exterior. A broiler removes moisture while a steamer maintains moisture. So the hot dog steamer provides an entirely different hot dog experience.

The Crown Verity Hot Dog Steamer is a rectangular countertop unit and it is made from stainless steel to resist corrosion. It comes with three compartments, two of which are steam wells for cooking the hot dogs. The unit heats up water in the well reservoirs and the steam is circulated through the well compartments to cook the hot dogs in perforated food pans. Each well has a folding lid which keeps the steam in and the hot dogs at proper temperatures. The unit can preheat room temperature water in about 15 to 20 minutes, but if cold water is used it can take closer to 30 minutes to preheat to steaming temperatures for cooking. In addition the hot dogs will take at least 15 minutes to cook to 160 degrees Fahrenheit internally, so cooking times will vary and must be monitored for safe food consumption. Each steam well can hold up to 24 pounds of hot dogs, which give the Crown Verity hot dog steamer the ability to hold up to 48 pounds of hot dogs at one time.

The third smaller center compartment is for hot dog buns and has a capacity of up to 48 buns. The center bun warming compartment includes a roll-dome style lid to keep warm air inside and keep contaminants out.

The Crown Verity hot dog steamer comes with legs to keep the unit up off the counter or table surface. The heavy duty construction of the steaming equipment ensures that these units will last a long time in service. From concession stands and food trucks to buffet lines and outdoor catered events, these hot dog steamers make it easy to provide juicy steamed hot dogs and warm buns for guests and customers.

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