Continental Refrigerator Roll-In and Roll-Thru Refrigerators

For catering gigs, or meals made ahead of time, keeping pans of food or pre-prepared foods fresh until you're ready to cook them requires some type of refrigeration. Finding a convenient way to get these products in and out of a proper refrigerator requires an appliance that lets you roll carts full of various foods up a ramp and inside its chilled chamber. The Continental line of Roll-In and Roll-Thru Refrigerators will maintain the freshness of meals prior to heating and serving.

Using environmentally-safe refrigerants means that you can trust these refrigerators will keep your carbon footprint at a minimum, and the uniquely even air distribution design will get cold air to all of the pans. Made in the U.S.A., you can trust that you're getting quality craftsmanship while supporting the American manufacturing system.

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