Commercial Charbroilers grill meats, poultry, and seafood so you can present your menu items with those perfect grill marks. Gas or Electric powered, depending upon your needs. Countertop and Floor model charbroilers available. Radiant and Lava Rock styles.

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Countertop Gas Radiant Charbroilers

Gas powered Radiant Charbroilers offer consistent grilling results. Ideal for burgers, steaks, poultry and seafood, Radiant Charbroilers provide the heat for proper cooking and the grill marks for appealing presentation of your menu items. These Countertop models have a small footprint so you can cook while taking up minimal space.

Countertop Gas Lava Rock Charbroilers

Lava Rock charbroilers utilize special material to help grill your meats or poultry items with an evenly radiating heat. The lava rocks heat up quickly and retain their heat, making them ideal for charbroilers getting heavy volume use.

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