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Rancilio Group

Rancilio Group is actually four international brands of coffee machine manufacturers with a product range that includes traditional espresso machines, fully automatic coffee machines, residential models, and commercial grade coffee grinders. The Rancilio Group has its roots in Italy, where it continues to house its headquarters and production facility. Rancilio Group has a long history of dedicated craftsmanship, technological innovations, and entrepreneurial spirit reaching as far back as the 1850's. Egro AG began with a workshop in Rohrdorf, Switzerland, and then added a foundry and drawing press, producing kitchen tools such as ladles, forks, candlesticks and tin-plated household items before eventually evolving into a coffee machine manufacturer. Rancilio began first as a workshop in Parabiago, Italy and grew into the Officina Meccanica, and it was dedicated to the production of coffee machines from the start. Under the guidance of their founders, the companies each adapted to supply highly engineered and sophisticated coffee and espresso equipment.

Over the decades of the 19th and 20th centuries, the companies grew and evolved integrating new designs and technologies to manufacture the next generations of efficient coffee machines and espresso machines. With their Italian headquarters and 270 employees in 7 countries, Rancilio Group is now part of the Ali Group, allowing them to become highly competitive in the international coffee machine segment of foodservice. Today, the Rancilio Group of companies provides some of the highest quality coffee equipment in the world, with specialty units, smaller home models, and precision professional espresso models available to customers in 115 countries.