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WWE Wrestler Takes Homeless Couple out to Eat

Last week, we talked about a chef in Denver who was doing right by the disaster-struck areas in Burma by offering food, shelter, and equipment. Today, we’re going to talk about a wrestler who just wants to do right in the world with the things that he’s received. When you go to the men behind the masks, you’ll find that there are some great people in the world.

Titus O’Neil decided on a whim to take a homeless couple to Yard House in San Diego. The manager at this medium-priced restaurant was a bit skeptical of the clientele which was being brought into the restaurant, apparently treating O’Neil and the two that were with him with a chilled demeanor. O’Neil suggested that the manager wasn’t pleased with homeless people being brought into his restaurant.

So, the WWE superstar did something that warms our heart. He decided to gather a whole group of homeless people and bring them to the Yard House, just to see what kind of feedback that he would get. Apparently, the manager was a little more giving and relaxed. O’Neil said that the manager needed to treat all humans with respect.

Servers and managers within restaurants should take heed. Whether they’re using their one-burner stove for a giant stock pot of soup or using their blowtorches for crème brulee, it’s necessary to give everyone the respect that they deserve.

2015-08-06 00:00:00
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