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With the Right Stove, your Chef has Total Control

Chefs are consummate multitaskers.  Watch any episode of Iron Chef, and you can watch their kitchens working like well oiled machines. Everyone knowing their part and flawlessly executes their duties.  Leaders in commercial kitchens know that they need to have the right commercial restaurant equipment at their site for that to happen.  The right stuff begins with the right commercial gas range.

A master chef can probably use a butane torch and a can of spam to make a culinary masterpiece (you’ve most likely seen that done on Cutthroat Kitchen), but having a 6 burner gas range and stove on hand works out a lot easier.  Especially if you’re concerned about fitting all of the cooking equipment in one place.  At 36 inches, the Empura Open Burner Restaurant Range definitely does the trick.

With all six burners working simultaneously, the multitasking chef can create sauces, roast what they need, boil, and more.  It’s possible to create several courses on the single stovetop, improving efficiency.  Add to that the racks in the stove, and you can simultaneously take care of multiple tables.

Here are the listed features of the Empura Range:

  • Stainless Steel Front, Ledge, Backguard, Shelf
  • Aluminized Sides
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Grates with lift-off heads
  • Thermostat Controlled Oven
  • Individual Pilots and Control Settings for each burner
  • Durable Chrome Coated Alloy Metal Knob Controls
  • Heavy Duty 15cm stainless steel legs
  • 3 rack positions
  • 2 wiring grids included
  • 3/4" NPT Gas Connection
  • Telescoping front Top ledge can hold menu items
  • Full Width Crumb Tray for easy cleaning

In other words, chefs have full control when they use this range.  It’s definitely impressive.

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