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Win Employee Hearts and Minds with Cappuccino

What better way to win the hearts and minds of your employees than to provide them with different types of coffee and cappuccino in the break room? Putting a smile on their faces was never easier than with a Cappuccino Machine.  It will help your employees take their performance and morale to the next level.

Many places have the standard coffee setup.  There might be an area which has one pot of coffee, one that all of the employees share.  There’s a single flavor and that’s that.  Usually the pot will sit on the warmer for a while until someone has the courage to drink the dregs.  Die-hard coffee drinkers can definitely attest to having had their share of dregs.

But, do they like it?  Do those employees love coming to work and seeing the slightly burnt pot sitting there, waiting for them? Don’t you believe that they’d be more excited if they came to work and had a choice of drinks when they walked into their break room?  Most of the coffee services out there are able to supply cappuccino as well as the normal coffee, so access isn’t an issue.

Study after study has shown that happier people are more productive people.  The happiness that comes from having a break room with choices will transcend the doors of break time and filter into their daily work.  Three flavors of coffee, all with only a tiny bit of investment.  Think about it.  Productivity on tap.

2015-05-15 00:00:00
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