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Will your Charbroiler Need a Catalytic Converter Soon?

You might not think about Utah on a regular basis, but they suffer from some of the worst air quality issues in the nation. Though the geography makes the entire state gorgeous, it also allows for air to stagnate and trap emissions. Utah’s Supreme Court will soon be tackling the issue of air quality.

There have been many new rules implemented to rectify the air quality in Utah. One of those 22 new rules says that Utah restaurants must place a catalytic oxidizer into charbroilers, making them more environmentally friendly.

Utah’s air quality will more than likely be downgraded to be more serious to regulators. The unfortunate part about this is that even though the state has been putting new rules in place, they will need to go further with their regulations to keep up.

“We have all felt our eyes and lungs burn, fretted over whether to let our children outside to play, worried about parents and grandparents with heart problems – even taken them to the emergency room as their symptoms worsened – and watched our neighbors with asthma struggle to breathe,” it was mentioned in a court filing.

Hopefully the slight reduction in smoke that regulating restaurant charbroilers brings will help Utah breathe easy once more.

2015-12-04 00:00:00
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