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Why your Restaurant Needs a Digital Marketer

Running a successful restaurant takes juggling a lot of plates. There’s the front of the house plate, where you’re making sure that all of your wait staff is on the same page. There's also the back of the house plate, where your chefs have to know how to cook the food and get it out in a timely manner.  Then there’s administration, human resources, and the giant plate of marketing, including digital marketing these days.

Digital marketing for restaurants consists of a lot of plates.  There’s the SEO side, there’s the blog posting side, there’s keeping the websites up to date, there’s communicating with people about your product, and more.  It can often get out of hand – but you’re doing your restaurant a disservice if you don’t at least have one of those marketing plates in place.

Here are 3 vital reasons why your restaurant should have at least one dedicated digital marketer on staff.

Your restaurant will make more money

Yes, having a digital marketer on staff will bring in more money.  Basically, it’s a percentages game, and if they’re able to bring in more people, you make more money.  Let them come up with the crazy creative ideas, and see what they can do to bring people into your restaurant.

You will be more effective

You have a ton of plates all spinning in the air, and all of them demand that you pay them at least some attention.  Having a digital marketer on staff for your restaurant will allow you to be more effective with your duties.  That delegation can bring you a bucket of cash.

 You might be able to sleep at night

Every restaurant owner that we’ve met seemed to have a little trouble sleeping at night because there never seemed to be enough hours in the day.  Because you have a marketer on staff, that part is taken care of, so you can at least pick up a few zz's.

Digital marketing combines everything having to do with the website into one neat little package.  Some marketers pay attention to specific facets of the strategy, but all of them will help you create the restaurant you want.

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