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Why You Should Leave your Pet Behind

Earlier, we talked about having dogs in restaurants and how New York City was making efforts to keep a law allowing dogs in restaurants while making it nearly impossible for owners to bring those dogs in those restaurants. Essentially, they’re afraid that the dogs will get loose and start causing havoc around the True undercounter refrigerator in the back and otherwise disturb customers and operations.

More importantly, they’re worried about the dogs being a nuisance and peeing on the floor of the restaurant or taking their time with more messy biological functions. This can pose a health hazard to those around, making it nearly impossible for patrons to enjoy a meal. This happened in a St. Louis restaurant.

People were at the Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, enjoying a meal and the big adult coloring event that was going on. There were several beers and dogs hanging out. What happened was totally expected: the dog peed on the floor and created a huge puddle.

Then, when the waitstaff came out, they accidentally stepped in the puddle that had formed, though they didn’t fall as a result. So, the dog’s urine was tracked all over the floor before it was cleaned up. This can definitely be unnerving for the other guests.

Having your friendly pooch in a restaurant is not new, but there are health issues to consider. Do you have any stories about people’s furry friends in restaurants?

2016-01-22 00:00:00
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