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Why Try a Fixed Price Menu?

Some restaurants are famous for their multiple-choice menu, but other restaurants use their commercial ovens for fixed price menus. Fixed price menus can be seen in the restaurants with chefs who have more prestige.

For the diners, it means that they are going to have to trust the choices that you’re making. It means that you’re the one in control, and also means that you’ve got to do whatever you’re serving really well.

If you choose to have a fixed price menu, it means that there are fewer costs in your menu supplies, as you don’t have to stock as much variety in the food. This type of format is very useful for those who are fond of taking seasonal veggies and making masterpieces out of them.

Other than that, you have the world at your disposal for making your fixed price menu. Collect your meal together in a number of themes, or have a single ingredient run through the whole thing a la Iron Chef.

The trick is to make sure that you offer some balance and some playfulness within the menu. Not only do you have control over the food, but you have the drinks under your purview – serve them specialized cocktails if you so desire, but make sure that it’s a memorable event.

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