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Why you Need a Syrup Dispenser

If you’ve ever been to an IHOP or a Waffle House, you’ve seen these on your table. In our last post this week on condiments, we’re looking at syrup dispensers. Syrup is a tricky condiment to work with. It’s rather messy, difficult to control, and doesn’t flow through small holes. Syrup also attracts bugs very easily. If you put syrup into a squirt bottle it wouldn’t come out well, but if you left an open container then you’d get a fly-filled table.

Syrup dispensers solve both of these problems. These condiment containers have a trigger on top. When pulled back, it retracts a metal plate covering a large hole. Users can control the flow of syrup from the container by how far back they pull the trigger. When released, the plate snaps back over the hole to close it. It also pushes excess syrup back into the container when you do this. This solves both problems in a snap.

Syrup dispensers are also good to use in buffet tables for salad dressings. Their low-mess design reduces cleanup, and many customers think they are more sanitary than traditional dressing bottles. Syrup dispensers come in a lot of varieties. Check out our page to learn more.

2015-05-09 00:00:00
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