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Why Aren't You Using a Convection Oven?

Conventional ovens have been used for ages, be it as earth ovens, masonry ovens, or the standard oven that you see in modern residential kitchens. However, in 1967 the convection oven, or fan assisted oven, was first used and it revolutionized the commercial cooking industry.

What is a commercial convection oven?

Traditional ovens cook unevenly.  The further away the air is from the coils, the cooler the air is.  This is why they have racks at different levels, and why there can be cool spots in the oven.

The commercial convection oven changes that by quickly and efficiently evening out the temperatures around the food. They do this through forcing air to move around with the use of fans and additional heating elements to distribute heat.

4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Convection Oven in Your Commercial Kitchen

Consistent Results

The convection oven removes the concern over which level the tray has been placed.  It evenly cooks all the food, from the bottom to the top, without any worries.


The heating mechanism for convection ovens makes the oven cook about 25% faster than your standard conventional oven.  Your chef can prep more, cook more, and create more with a convection oven.  Faster food means happier patrons.


Because there are no worries about where to put the food on the racks, you can evenly fill all of the racks.  Where the conventional oven might fit only one tray, the convection oven could fit two, three, maybe even four trays inside.  That kind of quantity and efficiency dramatically speeds up kitchen operations.

Lowered Energy Costs

Not only do convection ovens cook 25% faster, but they can generally be cooked 25 degrees cooler than the traditional ovens.  A little bit of cost savings compounded over each day can make for a mighty tidy sum at the end of the month.

Convection ovens provide many advantages over the standard conventional ovens.  While they might cost just a little bit more, that initial expense is more than made up for in its usage.  Why aren’t you using a commercial convection oven?

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