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Why are background checks so important?

In todays world we are in constant need for new employees and are constantly interviewing, hiring and training new employees on the drop of a dime. But, we tend to forget that with every new employee we bring into our restaurants we are increasing the possibility of a threat. Theft, sexual harassment, physical violence, identify theft, fraud and drug use. The potential for ruinous legal actions is clearly higher today than ever before. The likely hood of a potential threat entering your establishment can be decreased drastically by conducting background checks before you hire any and all applicants.

Background checks can 100% save your business but, can be long process and must be completed in a proper manner following all federal, state, and even local laws. Laws that are primarily designed to protect applicants and past work experience history. Many laws actually require the written consent of the applicant to complete prior to a background check but, the benefits of the backs far out way the cost, time and effort associated with them.

A comprehensive background check, including criminal convictions, civil filings, credit history (where permissible) and social media, will reduce the number of people hired with a history of any undesirable behavior. This reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person or rather the wrong type of person for you establishment. If you applications ask to correct questions it an also eliminate applicants that you would rather not waste your time to interview.

Background checks also tend to increase your ability to ensure quality employees, increase the likely hood that you are hiring trustworthy, reliable and responsible. A clean background check increase the ability to minimize theft, minimize negative publicity and be seen in a positive manner in the community in which you are located in.

Obviously, the use of pre-employment background checks carries some risk. Still, growing ranks of small business owners are looking to them as a first line of defense against the potential problems introduced each time a new employee is hired. If you have the ability to to do proper/ legal background checks we highly recommend them. They not only help you find the best candidates but, it also allows you the opportunity to weed out possible threats to your establishments.

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