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Who Brought Sushi to America?

Sushi is one of the best foods in the world. It has portability, there are several varieties available to the average person, and there are even documentaries and upscale sushi bars scattered all over the country. One can even pick up a few bites from the local supermarket – a chef will make it fresh for you.

One of the people who is largely credited for bringing sushi to America is Noritoshi Kanai, chairman of the Mutual Trading Company. It’s based in Los Angels. He set up his company to bring food from home to the homesick Japanese people in LA.

He even set up a restaurant to continue the good food traditions that he’d set up in the war. “I think food is the most important merchandise in human living,” he said once.

Kanai set the standard and people loved sushi because it was exotic. It was something that people wanted because they’d never seen it before. He started with the Japanese cookie, and then worked his way into sushi. He also opened the Sushi Institute of America to help preserve the culture.

So when you’re thinking about the deli case that is at your local restaurant, think a little bit more about the person who brought the delight to you. Thank you, Mr. Kanai.

For more information about some of the great things that he’s done, read this article.

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