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Which Type of Ice Should You Use for Each Drink

     If you’re thinking of hosting a summer soiree, you’re likely brainstorming your drink menu. After all the hard work you put into your drink menu, you will want to make sure that guests enjoy your beverages with the right type of ice. After all, there’s nothing worse than a great glass of whiskey that becomes diluted by tiny flakes of ice.

    If you’re serving up old-fashioned’s, margaritas on the rocks, or other mixed drinks, cubed ice is a good way to go. We recommend using full-cubed ice, as it takes longer to melt and will keep drinks cooler without diluting them. This type of ice has less of an elegant look, but does the job for your traditional house drinks and barbecue cocktails.

    If you’re serving any beverage “straight,” you’ll want to use one large cube. High quality liquor should be sipped on, and this large cube takes a long time to melt giving your guests ample time to enjoy their beverages. This type of ice has a refined look, so is great to serve during cocktail hour before a dinner party at your home. You’ll want these cubes to be free of bubbles and streaks, so make sure that you have an ice machine that is up for the task.

    Finally, pellet ice. This ice is comprised of small pellet shapes that stack high in a glass. This ice ensures that the entire beverage will be cooled, but this ice melts more quickly than a large piece of cube ice. This type of ice is great for tiki-themed parties, mint juleps in the summertime, and other beverages that can be enjoyed outdoors with a straw. We offer a smaller version of the traditional pellet ice machine on our website, which is great for your outdoor bar or seating area. You can shop this product here.

    Don’t make an icy faux pas this summer. Make sure to stay tuned in to our weekly Ice Machines blog for tips on making ice, keeping your machine up to date, and even hosting the perfect summer cocktail party. Impress your guests with the best ice on the market, and as always - don’t forget to visit our website:

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