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Which Food Network Chicken Stock Recipe Reigns Supreme?

One of the most inviting things that you can have on the top of your commercial stove is a pot of chicken stock. Chicken stock is incredibly useful in many dishes, and it’s something that freezes and defrosts very well. If your restaurant serves soups, having a giant pot and a commercial stove can come in handy.

We usually start with bones and scraps for our stock, throwing in some vegetables and some other bits into the mix. Add some spices like a bit of garlic and more, and you’ve got the basis for something wonderful.

Alton Brown likes to use carrots, celery, a leek, and some fresh thyme and parsley. He’s also fond of putting a little spice into it with peppercorns. The full recipe can be found here at the Food Network.

The recipe that Bobby Flay likes to put on his commercial stove is more geared toward the onions, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less tasty. The amount of veggies or other ingredients that you put into the chicken stock depends on how you’re feeling that day.

That’s the beauty. You can use chicken stock as the base for several other soups, or, if you choose, just heat some up and put your own veggies into it to have a rich but low calorie treat.

Do you have a chicken stock recipe that you’d like to share with the folks here on our blog? We’d love to know!

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