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Which Cooking Method Makes a Good Burger For You?

What is the best commercial burger that you’ve ever had? Was it made by the charbroilers at Burger King, or did you sneak a little something from Five Guys? Personally, we’d love to see more burger panels happening – all-out meat rumbles to decide which cooking method reigns supreme.

One chef in Brooklyn decided to test it. He loves beef, and uses 80/20 that doesn’t touch air until it’s ready for your order. Once the meat was selected, then it was time to bring out the burgers. These were anonymous burgers – one couldn’t tell which was which.

Now, this test was designed by one of the best burger makers in New York. The reviewer mentions that you should take the time to go out of your way to try this. It was found that the Flat Top grilled burger beat the charbroilers, hand down.

The food at this place, the Luncheonette, was absolutely superb, and while they’re great with making the food there, it’s still very possible to get some great eats all over the country. How about Holman and Finch in Atlanta? What about that Five Guys burger that you’re itching to have?

Is it about the style of cooking, the ingredients, or a strange amalgamation of all of it? Let us know!

2016-02-12 00:00:00
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