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When you want your Cheese Slices now!

Who doesn’t love cheese? Restaurants certainly do. From cheese burgers to fromage platters, cheese is used in eateries across the country. Depending on the dish, cheese needs to be prepared in different ways. Cheaper restaurants buy pre-packaged slices, but a quality restaurant slices their own.

You may have a cheese slicer at home. It looks like a slingshot with a wire and a roller. It cuts one piece of cheese at a time. Cheese slicers are better than a knife because you can get a consistent cut every time. But what if you need a lot of slices at once? Or cubes?

There is a device that can do it all: The Nemco 55300A-2. When you need slices, sticks, or cubes in a hurry this device delivers. The Nemco 55300A-2 can cut 3/8” slices or ¾” cubes depending on the slicing arm installed. It can handle anything from a third of a pound of cheese to a five pound loaf of cheese. It’s made entirely of steel and very easy to clean. It’s a sturdy device too, weighing about six pounds.

Need to make fondue or cheese soup in a hurry? You can get consistent cubes. Sticks of cheese for battering and frying for poppers? You got it. Enough slices for double cheeseburgers for your huge catering gig? It’s no problem with the Nemco 55300A-2.

2015-04-03 00:00:00
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