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When Was Your First Gyro?

There was this restaurant where I grew up called ABC Pizza. It was near the movie theater, and had this huge parking lot where all of the kids would gather on Friday and Saturday nights. The pizza place had a rocking arcade and reasonable pizzas, but what really set them apart were their gyros. We’d never heard of gyros until ABC opened, and frankly, hadn’t seen them in other places until many years after I’d moved away.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether they were using Star Gyro Machines or not, but I do remember seeing the broiler with the family recipe of lamb and beef rotating around on the spit. They would make everything from scratch, from the pita bread to the tzatziki dipping sauce. Nothing was as satisfying as winning a couple of free games of Black Knight 2000 and coming back to the table for a gyro and fries.

Imagine my happiness when I read the National Restaurant Association report that said that consumers are trying more Mediterranean cuisine these days. They, too, can watch the Star Gyro Machines roll around and around with something savory and delicious.

More people are trying out cuisines from the Med, but they’re trying out others, too. Caribbean, Spanish, French, Thai, and Middle Eastern foods have also been pleasing palates. So, if you’re looking for the flavors to put in your restaurant, it’s difficult to go wrong with the gyro.

2015-09-05 00:00:00
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