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When is your Local Restaurant Week?

“I’d be a foodie if I just had the money.” That statement has been made by people everywhere. The food prices are getting expensive, and eating out is a luxury that some people just cannot afford. That is until restaurant week.

Restaurant weeks are held in cities all over the country. The basic premise is that a coalition of restaurants can get together and, in order to gain exposure for their restaurant, serve a fixed-price menu to special patrons who want to explore. Usually, this menu is cheaper than the normal fare, so that patrons can get an extra taste without breaking the bank.

In some instances, there’s even the chance for the restaurants to bring the Winco chafers to the table, offering a buffet setting when they normally would not. The level of detail for these depends on the city that’s throwing it, and the restaurants involved. Since the restaurant weeks are meant to highlight local restaurants, each one of them has their own local flair.

The people who are organizing the restaurant week in Medina are saying, “we want to create a sense of community, of working together. Everyone is excited about it.” Basically, the owners are chipping in to make sure that the whole thing comes off flawlessly. And, when the Medina restaurant week DOES come together over the coming weeks, both customers and restaurants will win.

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