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What's Coming in the Restaurant Industry

We love going to restaurants.  This isn’t just because we work at a restaurant supply company.  No.  We love going to restaurants because cooking is one of the best creative outlets in the world.  There are very few professions where you can play with fire and knives on a daily basis and get paid for it.  People are running to the restaurant industry because the business is growing.

For instance (Facts Taken from the Restaurant Association 2015 Forecast):

  • The restaurant industry is expected to employ 15.7 million people by the year 2025, currently, 10% of the people (14 million) are employed with some form of the restaurant industry.
  • Overall sales this year are expected to rise to $709.2 billion dollars.
  • 70% of people say that they will work in the restaurant industry until they retire.
  • Half of consumers say that restaurants ae a daily part of their lifestyle.
  • Over 90% of restaurants have less than 50 employees.

One of the most telling statistics within the survey that was run was that 80% of people in the restaurant business believe that the restaurant industry is a place where people of all backgrounds can create their own business.  They are doing it, too.  In this growth business, what’s stopping you from getting yourself a commercial stove and setting up shop?

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