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What's a Development Kitchen?

When was the last time that you used a Robot Coupe juicer? These industrial-strength kitchen icons are fantastic to have in nearly anywhere that you’re making juices and more organic fare for your customers. It’s also perfect equipment for a development kitchen.

The development kitchen is unlike any other kitchen. In this type of kitchen, you’ve got all of the modern kitchen equipment, but you’re not making food for the masses. Instead, you’re developing new recipes and chefs for the future. Some of these development kitchens have also been used for the home chefs who need a commercial kitchen to peddle their wares.

Not only that, the development kitchens are sometimes used in restaurant supply warehouses to test out some of the new equipment that the R&D people are prototyping. It gives chefs a way to work on their products while testing out the latest and greatest equipment for the market. So, if you want to give new ingredients a try, the Robot Coupe juicer will fit right in.

So, when you’re developing that new recipe, developing new equipment, or simply wanting to experiment in a test kitchen, the Robot Coupe juicer makes the grade. There are always carrots and tomatoes to juice.

2016-01-14 00:00:00
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