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What Steam Table is at your Favorite Buffet?

The biggest question we ask when we’re interested in eating a lot of food is which of the cheap Chinese buffets that we’re going to go to. There are several around the area, but the one that we generally choose has more items and is cleaner. They have their Eagle Steam Tables set out at precisely 11am, and they truly add something special to the service.

There are no ‘greatest all you can eat buffets’ where we are, though. We have to settle for the lower fare, but we can guarantee that we’re not paying as much as you would for the Wagyu beef sliders or the red velvet pancakes at the Bacchanal buffet at Caesar’s Palace.

We’d love to see our favorite buffets go a little more upscale. I would love to see more teriyaki beef that didn’t look like tough leather. We’d love to see the 30 foot dessert bar that has every pie imaginable at Charley’s Buffet in Missouri. In reality, it reminds us of one of the buffets that we used to love where we grew up – only open for two days a week.

If you’re thinking about running a buffet, though, what would you put into your Eagle Steam Tables? We’ve been dreaming a lot about fresh vegetables – perhaps some squash and some zucchini. With buffets, anything is up for grabs.

2015-09-03 00:00:00
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