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What Oven is Right for Your Restaurant?

Picking the right oven for your restaurant is the key to running a successful restaurant and there are so many to choose from that you might feel overwhelmed. The first thing to know that might make your search easier is to ignore residential ovens that you would find in someone’s home and focus on commercial ovens. Residential ovens are only designed to be used 1-2 times a day, while commercial ovens are more durable and meant to be used multiple times a day. Two commercial ovens that we’ll focus on are standard ovens and convection ovens:

Standard Ovens

These are the most common and simple type of commercial ovens. Standard ovens produce heat at the bottom of the oven that radiates upwards and can cook almost any recipe that you want. These ovens are also the least expensive and are extremely easy to repair. However, the only thing to watch for with standard ovens is they don’t always cook food evenly if the temperature is not set right.

Convection Ovens

These ovens are similar to standard ovens, except that they circulate air through fans in the oven. Because of the fans in the oven, food is generally cooked faster and cooked consistently. The circulation of the air prevents cold or hot spots when cooking the food.

There are many types of ovens that have a multitude of different functions, which can make the search for the perfect oven very time consuming. Buying the wrong oven equipment for your restaurant can be detrimental to your business so research ahead of time is essential. We sell any type of oven that you can imagine at this link:

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