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What Makes a Good Breakfast Buffet?

Occasionally, we have the chance to get out of town and stay at a hotel somewhere around the country. One of the biggest things which determines where we’re going to stay is whether it has a breakfast buffet. Put one in there, and we’ll come running.

The best breakfast buffets have several items.

Mix of hot and cold foods

We get a charge when we walk by the closed restaurant and see the cereal and dry food dispensers set up for the morning. But when you also have food warmers ready to go with big plates of bacon, what can beat that?


We’re serious fans of variety. There was a hotel buffet in Texas that really made the grade by having some of the local food brought into the place. So, we’d have a little bit of chorizo with the standard eggs and bacon fare.


Not only do you have a chance to shine with the variety in the food on the buffet, but there’s the chance to shine with the juices and the things to drink on the buffet. Perhaps a little cranberry juice, a little bit of orange juice, maybe some milk to make it really happen. Having everything all in one place can truly make an event special.

Does your breakfast buffet have bagels and lox? Does it come with all of the accoutrements that you need to truly make it a wonderful eating experience? That’s what you have to determine while you’re setting these up.

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