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What do you put in your Moffatt Oven?

When we look at a restaurant that has baked goods like roasted chicken on the menu, we smile because there’s a high likelihood that there’s a Moffatt Oven in their kitchen. The convection ovens are perfect for those who need to get an even cook all the way around.

Experienced chefs everywhere know that being able to control the heat of an oven is paramount to making something delicious. How many times have you had it where the meat is unevenly cooked to the point where you feel like Chef Ramsay?

So, that’s where Moffatt convection ovens come into play. Whether you’re doing a full tray or a half tray of goods, you’re still able to cook many pieces of chicken and then finish them off when they’re ready. There are so many opportunities available in the kitchen when you have one of these ovens available.

So, when you have your convection ovens on your side, what do you plan on cooking? We’re especially fond of the squash casseroles and roasted chicken, but then again, we’re fond of many baked things. When you fire up your ovens, what do you plan on cooking next? We’d love to know in the comments.

2015-10-14 00:00:00
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